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Descriptive Essay and How to Write One

Descriptive Essay and How to Write One This article will not only explain what a descriptive essay is, but will provide detailed information on how to write one yourself. What is a  Descriptive Essay The descriptive essay is one of the  four modes of discourse  and composition (Nordquist, 2016).   The other three modes are narration, exposition and argumentation.   While it is impossible to ever write purely in one mode (all four tend to overlap in one way or another), one mode can be emphasized above the other three.   In the descriptive essay, the mode that is focused on is the description mode:   the writer is challenged with describing an experience, surroundings, an object, or anything that can be communicated using the five senses. This essay is an effective way to hone one’s writing skills particularly in the area of attention to detail.   They are often included in student portfolios because the more one is required to focus on a thing and pay attention to it the more one is likely to be able to write effectively in any style (Nicolaidou 404).   As Baker, Brizee and Angeli (2013) put it, the  descriptive essay  is a genre in which the writer must â€Å"describe something—object, person, place, experience, emotion, situation, etc.† (par. 1).   Not only does this type of genre of writing help to develop a student’s skills in creating a written expression of a sensation, it also allows the writer to take a great deal of artistic license, as the experience of sensation depicted by the writer is a combination of the subjective and objective experiences and meant to be so. The ultimate goal of the descriptive essay is to give the reader a clear, unobstructed view, sense, feeling and experience of the phenomenon communicated by the writer.   If the reader can effectively conjure the subject in his mind or feel completely drawn into the experience, the writer can consider his descriptive essay a success.   Now you know what a descriptive essay is, so let’s look at some tips on how to write a descriptive essay and what topics are most suitable. What Can You Describe? You can describe anything you want in a descriptive essay. Choose a person, a place, a thing. Choose an experience. Choose a dream. People make great subjects for descriptive essays because there are so many facets to human beings, so many features—one can write pages on any person and barely get below the surface because there is always so much to say. Places make great subjects because every place is unique and has its own special charm, purpose and significance. Objects make great subjects because you can bring them to live through personification and really give the reader an all new sense of it. Experiences make great subjects because they are full of action and give you opportunity to be dynamic and fluid in your descriptions. They are also good for putting your reader in your shoes. Dreams make great subjects because they are so colorful and random—yet there is a beautiful (and sometimes frightening) logic to them! Describing a dream can be a really fun and insightful process! How to Write a Descriptive Essay Human beings have five senses—taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing.   Imagine being without one of those senses, or, worse, without quite a few of them.   You would find life to be a bit more difficult than it presently is.   Why?   Our senses let us know the world around us—they keep us informed and aware of what’s going on.   A descriptive essay essentially does the same thing.   In effect, the descriptive essay is giving the world to your reader by way of words that evoke as many of the five senses as possible.   No matter what you are describing in your essay, you should always imagine that your reader is blind, deaf, fingerless, noseless, and hard of hearing.   In other words, you must be the senses for your reader.   How does your subject feel?   What does it do to your tongue when you taste it?   How does it hit your eyes, your ears?   Does it have a scent?   If you can answer these questions in vivid terms, you will be giving your reader the description he needs to form a concrete picture in his head of the subject or experience you are describing.   This is the essence of a descriptive essay. Show, Don’t Tell When writing your descriptive essay, the best advice you can possibly receive is this: show, don’t tell. The â€Å"show, don’t tell† technique allows the reader to experience what you are describing and puts him firmly in your shoes so that your senses become his senses. Telling the reader about an object takes him out of the experience—it removes him from the action and separates him from his senses. Instead of feeling the object, the reader is simply receiving data—information that goes into the brain but does little to stimulate the five senses. On the other hand, showing the reader the object gives him the opportunity to use his senses and participate in the experience. Some examples of how this technique is utilized might be helpful, so let’s take a look: As Chekhov illustrates in the image above, to say that the moon is shining certainly conveys a message—but it is a familiar message in familiar words. The words are so familiar in fact that while the eyes read them, the brain barely processes them. They mean something of course but they carry no weight, deliver no impact. The reader is left uninvolved in the experience of what the moon is doing. When the writer states, however, that there is â€Å"a glint of light on broken glass,† something happens in the mind of the reader: his brain is stimulated—the senses are evoked. Sight and touch especially are used here—broken glass is sharp and most readers will be able to imagine immediately what that image is like. Likewise, light glinting on the broken glass brings to mind a fragmented, jarring picture that is also effective in setting a scene, a mood, a feeling for the reader to enter into. The point of â€Å"show, don’t tell† is for the writer to create a set that the reader can enter. Notice, again, how Chekhov uses alliteration to help wrap the reader up in sounds (hearing is the third sense evoked in this way): we have the â€Å"l† sounds in â€Å"glint,† â€Å"light,† and â€Å"glass† along with the repetition of the â€Å"g† sounds in â€Å"glint† and â€Å"glass† and â€Å"t† sounds in â€Å"glint† and â€Å"light†. The tongue is literally â€Å"taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap† as Nabokov puts it in one of his most famous novels. If you are writing about a place where sound is particularly part of the experience, don’t just tell the reader what sounds are heard—produce the sounds for the reader using the very words you are writing. For crashing sounds, use a lot of â€Å"ck† words and â€Å"sh† words, as those sounds help the reader to literally hear the smashing and crashing of whatever is clapping or thundering in the scene. Be imaginative and let your musical side flow out as you choose the letters and terms in your writing. Descriptive Essay Format Barbara Fine Clouse notes that there are five tips to help the writer construct a perfect descriptive essay: 1.   Use a dominant impression to focus the description 2.   Utilize both objective and subjective descriptions as appropriate 3.   Provide concrete sensory details 4.   Make use of literary tools such as similes, metaphors and personification 5.   Remember the purpose of the essay and the audience (Clouse 142) These five tips can help the writer when it comes time to formatting the essay. First, they help the writer become oriented to the topic. A dominant impression is used to focus the description. If, for example, you are describing a carnival, choose a specific emotion—whether it is horror, excitement, anticipation, curiosity, wonder, fear, tension—you decide and use this impression to steer your description. Say that your impression of a carnival is one rooted in a feeling of horror: describe the sideshow carnies, their grotesque faces, the freaks that populate the tents, gargantuan signs that lord over the visitors, shrieking at them to stop what they are doing and run to see the latest attraction. When you focus on a dominant impression, you can more easily guide your mind to specific sights, sounds, and occurrences that will allow you to write good descriptions. Secondly, be both objective and subjective—i.e., let the reader know what you are feeling (or what h e should be feeling) but also give a sense of place that focuses more on the actual place than on your perception of it. Thirdly, use concrete sensory details—i.e., help the reader feel it, taste it, smell it, etc. Fourthly, use literary tools like personification to bring objects to life. Lastly, keep in mind that you are writing for a specific purpose: you are describing something—a whole thing! So don’t get lost in the details of just one part or element—keep the essay moving till you have covered all the points in your outline. Also, remember that you have a specific audience, too. If you know your audience, try to give them what you know they would like—just so long as you are able to stay true to your own vision of what it is you are setting out to describe. There’s nothing better than being able to please an audience while being true to your purpose! Give Your Paper a Beginning, Middle and an End The format of the descriptive essay should follow that of the other three modes of discourse:   it should contain a thesis—i.e., a purpose statement and supporting facts and details that provide the description of the subject identified in the opening introductory paragraph.   Consider it like this: the introduction sets the stage, the body performs the dance, and the conclusion lowers the court and lets the actors take a bow. In your introduction, worry mainly about laying out the scene for the reader and getting them situated. Give the reader a sense of place, time, feeling—whatever your dominant impression is, include it here so that the reader is oriented appropriately. This will be the beginning of your essay, and just like the beginning of a movie, it will let the audience know whether or not to continue on! The body of the paper will consist of paragraphs that communicate aspects of the subject, from factual data to sensual details.   This will be the middle of your essay. Each paragraph within the body of the paper should begin with a topic sentence.   A conclusion should come at the end that reiterates the main points of the descriptive essay in new words and provides a summary of the main idea expressed in the essay.   A descriptive essay can be long or short:   the prose does not have to be as formal as that used in an argumentative essay.   In many cases, the author should feel free to express himself with more creativity and freedom as the way in which words are used can help create a greater sense of the subject for the reader.   The stream of consciousness technique can even be utilized to help create a more immediate effect so that the reader feels immersed not only in the phenomenon being described but in the actual experience of seeing a thing for the first time, of feeling what is happening or seeing what is under the microscope in real time. The stream of consciousness technique allows the reader to let words and thoughts flow naturally without giving much concern to pretense, form, or even consistency. Internal thoughts are often a mixed bag of emotions, ideas, and fleeting impressions. Capturing some of these in your descriptive essay can really help to put the reader in your shoes. The conclusion is the end of your essay. This is the send-off—the last impression—the farewell to your reader! Take this opportunity to recap what you have described above or use this moment to convey an overall impression that the reader can take home. Last impressions are often just as important as first impressions—so don’t waste this opportunity to show something great to your reader. The conclusion should also help give balance to your paper. It should be proportional to the rest and roughly the same size as your beginning. If one or the other is out of proportion, your reader might feel slightly disoriented! The Five Senses Because the descriptive essay is all about utilizing the five senses, the writer should feel comfortable using words to effect a certain emotion in the reader, whether it is anticipation, fear, curiosity, excitement, joy:   the writer is free to choose how best to describe the subject—and the options available to the writer will vary greatly depending on the subject.   For instance, if the subject of the essay is a trek up the Himalayas, vivid action words and ejaculatory statements may be more appropriate than if the writer is describing a hard drive in his laptop.   Based on how the writer himself perceives the subject, the tone and approach will change—the format, however, should stay relatively the same. Whatever the subject, the five senses will help you to stay on task. Constantly ask yourself: How does it taste? How does it smell? How does it look? How does it sound? How does it feel? How to Start a Descriptive Essay An attention-grabber is always a great way to start an essay, regardless of the mode.   For a descriptive essay, a good attention-grabber is one that both identifies the subject and hooks the reader.   Can you do this in one line?   Yes—but you don’t have to give everything away in that one line.   A hook is exactly as it sounds—a sharp point upon which is speared the lure, the bait, the piece of crumb that the hungry reader is looking for.   You have the whole paper to flesh out your subject, so think of your attention-grabber as the headline.   Or think of the first lines of some of your favorite books.   What made them stand out?   How did they compel you to read on? Once you have your hook, finish up your introductory paragraph with clear, concise language that makes your subject obvious to your reader so that if a stranger stopped and asked what the essay was about, the reader could tell him after just reading the first paragraph.   There should be no surprises after the first paragraph.   At the same time, you can use your own emotions, thoughts and feelings to connect with the reader on a deeper level so that the full experience is something they can only obtain by reading the essay in its entirety. Don’t worry about getting everything right the first time around. Part of the beauty of writing is that you can go back and edit and revise your words until they are perfect for what you are trying to accomplish. Consider your first draft to be just a rough sketch. Know that you can go back and improve it later on. Let it sit for a while and give it another read after 20 minutes or half an hour: see how it hits you, whether it is effective in helping you to see, feel and experience the topic being described. If there are parts of the paper that you feel use too many needless words, or if there is a line that you think can be improved if it were just re-worded in a different way, go ahead and change it. The process of revision is one of the most important parts of writing. It is like Michelangelo going back over a piece of marble again and again until David appears. It takes more than a few chisels and blows of the hammer to produce every finely ingrained detail. So be patient with yourself and with your words. Give it time and energy and the write ones will come to you—sometimes all in a burst like a great flash of light. When that happens, be glad! Inspiration has struck and it’s your moment to seize it and let that pen fly! The Most Important Thing The most important thing to remember when writing a descriptive essay is to be organized:   nothing should be extraneous.   Every line and paragraph should serve a purpose.   Streamline the essay through revision so that it moves quickly and there are no places in it where the reader feels as though you are needlessly repeating yourself.   If you need to use a certain number of words and find yourself coming up short, go back to the subject and look at it anew.   Imagine it is the first time you have experienced it and forget everything you have already said about it.   Looking with a fresh pair of eyes can often get you the new line of sight you need to get over the hump. Conclusion The descriptive essay is your opportunity to describe a person, place, thing, or experience to a reader.   Be bold—be creative—be expressive—be original.   Make the descriptions as interesting as possible by immersing the reader in the environment, using words that evoke each of the five sentences.   If you are describing the beach on a cold, blistery day, make the reader hear the sounds, feel the pricks of water and wind, taste the salt in the sea, and see the hard sand matted down by rain.   The more you bring the reader into the experience, the more your descriptive essay will be a success. Now that you  have learned about a descriptive essay and how to write one, the next step is picking out a great descriptive essay topic  or viewing example descriptive essays. References Baker, J., Brizee, A., Angeli, E.   (2013).   Descriptive essays.   OWL Purdue.   Retrieved from Clouse, Barbara Fine.  Ã‚  The Student Writer.   NY:   McGraw-Hill, 2013.   Print. Nicolaidou, Iolie. â€Å"E-portfolios supporting primary students’ writing performance and peer feedback.†   Computers Education, vol.  68 (2013): 404-415. Nordquist, R.   (2016).   Modes of discourse.   Thoughtco.   Retrieved from Nordquist, R.   (2017).   5 model descriptive paragraphs.   Thoughtco.   Retrieved from

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Consumerism And Advertising Of The Time - 2169 Words

The 1920s were an economic boom, but a majority of the country could not enjoy the wealth and prosperity. Only a small percentage of the country enjoyed huge sums of wealth, and the majority of families, about 3/4s, were poor and lived in poverty (â€Å"Great Depression†). These statistics are surprising considering the growth of consumerism and advertising of the time. Even though most of the country did not share the wealth, they still engaged in the consumerism and culture of the time. Products started to be mass-produced and therefore more affordable. A culture of buying the latest and greatest products developed. Advertisements tempted people, promising that their product would give them the life they wanted. In order to keep up with the new products and devices, poorer families spent a majority of their incomes on unnecessary consumer goods (â€Å"1920s Vintage Ads†). For the rich, the culture of consumerism was not a problem as they had plenty of money to spare; however, for the poor this culture was damaging. Many people took out loans to pay for things such as cars and houses, and this was an economic problem that contributed to the depression (â€Å"Great Depression†). Even though most people’s lives were difficult in the 1920s, people were still hopeful. They believed in the country, themselves, the economy, and the idea that consumerism could improve your life. These ideas are shown in The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which comments on the lives of the rich in theShow MoreRelatedHealthcare Consumerism And Health Care926 Words   |  4 PagesHealth care consumerism positions the consumer at the center of their own health care. Consumers are able to make informed health care decisions and be an essential element of the decision making process. It is a trend and focus of the recent government regulations and standards that reduces the roles of insurance and employers. Health care consumers have direct access to health care services and the ability to make informed decisions. Examples of the movement towards increased education and informationRead MoreHannah Hoch and James Rosenquist --Insiders and Outsiders of Consumerism and Gender 1551 Words   |  7 Pagesaccordingly the availability of consumer goods. And with the rise of the mass media, various products have been targeted on broad groups of consumers. Consumerism, which is pro pelled by a system of mass production and high levels of consumption, has been one of the themes in art works from twentieth century till now. In regard to consumerism and gender, I find two figures—Hannah Hoch and James Rosenquist--connected. Hoch once worked for a womens magazine of the huge Ullstein Press while RosenquistRead MoreAmerican Rock N Roll Essay1578 Words   |  7 Pages American Rock ’n’ Roll was a huge influence on the idea of Pop as it affected young people and gave them their own distinct interests. Pop figures at the time such as Elvis Presley and the Beatles gripped the youth of the mid-20th century and defined a discernible difference between the young and the old. Post-war depression was replaced by a youthful optimistic spirit, which allowed for expression of self among the youth of American society. The optimistic spirit offered by pop culture icons allowedRead MoreConsumerism Essay1620 Words   |  7 PagesConsumerism – Bruce Dawe Poetry || 2009 Every society has mythology. In some societies, it’s religion. Our religion is consumerism. As we are constantly exposed to mass media and popular culture in our modern society, the insidious nature of consumerism has allowed it to penetrate into every aspect of our lives, dictating our very beliefs, values and wants. Nearly every individual in our society subconsciously conforms to the shallow and superficial mindset that characterises our consumerist cultureRead MoreConsumerism And Its Effect On The 21st Century Essay921 Words   |  4 PagesConsumerism in Healthcare Healthcare consumerism is increasing in importance in the 21st century. In today’s world, consumers have multitudes of information available that at one time was strictly available to the medical profession. Patients obtain information through the internet, commercials, and ad campaigns. The days when consumers followed referral recommendations are drifting away. Consumers are now at the center of the health care system causing customer service to be a key component to anyRead MoreNegative Effects Of Consumerism On Society825 Words   |  4 PagesConsumerism plays an extreme role in today’s economy and society. It is one of the key aspects of the economy growing, however it negatively affects the people of society. Consumerism has taken over society, with peoples’ need to classify themselves in a certain social status with the purchases of expensive merchandise. It may help the economy thrive, however it is society’s downfall with its depressing need to b uy unnecessary products. Through modern technology, consumerism can easily capture peopleRead MoreConsumerism in Post World War II Essay1479 Words   |  6 PagesConsumerism in Post World War II After WWII why did the economy prosper and what role did consumerism play in the 1950s? After WWII many economists predicted a recession in the American economy. It is easy to do so when at the peak of post war unemployment in March 1946 2.7 million searched for work. In 1945 people were laid off from their jobs. However, â€Å" in 1945 the US entered one of its longest, steadiest, periods of growth and prosperity† (Norton 829). How could this be? WithRead MoreThe Harmful Effects of Advertising on Society982 Words   |  4 Pagessociety many people see advertising as harmful in many different ways. With today’s society image is everything, and advertising uses this to their advantage. Advertising uses this as a way to make insecure people buy products they do not need. Many advertisements that are seen today on television, billboards, newspaper, and magazines are indeed harmful to our eyes and brain. Many of them make people feel like crap, that you dont have this car or that house or that body. Advertising is harmful to societyRead MoreHow Graphic Design Has Had On Popular Culture And Consumerism1700 Words   |  7 PagesIn this summative essay I would like to explore and analyse the influence that Graphic design has had on popular culture and consumerism. Graphic design can be defined as â€Å"the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. The form of the communication can be physical or virtual, and may include images, words, or graphic forms.† ( Designers are problem solvers and it is their job to come up with a suitable solution to a problem. They haveRead MoreAdvertisement : Advertising And Consumerism1406 Words   |  6 PagesIn today’s society, there is a huge overlap between advertising and consumerism, which affects what people buy and where they buy it. Advertisements are put out for the sole purpose of persuading people to buy certain products. Advertising agencies do this by shaping â€Å"product images and brand-name identitiesâ⠂¬  (Campbell Et Al. 322) to conform to the image a parent company wants the viewer to see. Advertisements are a valuable weapon because they create brand identity, which in turn determines the

Explaining Vital Financial Derivatives Employed Within Portfolio

Question: Discuss About the Vital Financial Derivatives Employed Within Portfolio Management? Answer: Introduction The current assignment indicates the implementation of suitable financial derivatives by the portfolio managers in order to enhance their overall investment return. Financial derivatives are deemed to be of four distinct types that facilitate the investors to attain increased access within the market. The implementation of derivative facilitates the investors to hedge their total exposure within the capital market (Berezhnoy et al. 2014). Such derivatives also facilitate the portfolio managers and the investors in order to apply important investment theories in order to attain high profits. The overall assignment generally analyses within hypothetical situation in which all the four distinct types of derivative instrument is analysed and managed. Finally, the total recommendation meant for the portfolio managers that might facilitate in enhancing the total process along with offering great capability for enhancing profits through employing the distinct derivative instruments. There exist distinct kinds of financial derivatives that might be employed though maintaining portfolio management of such derivatives those are explained: Forward Contract Derivatives Forward contract derivatives are considered as the simplest form of decorative instrument that is applicable just for one day. This is deemed as among the oldest contract forms the investors in order to hedge or loss control carries that out in upcoming years. The forward contract is deemed as an agreement that is to be carried out between two parties considering a product sale or certain instrument in the upcoming years (Bodie 2013). Such instrument is used widely at the time of future contracts intervention. Numerous investors are considering using the forward contracts in an efficient manner until the day for maintaining suitable exposure within market. It was also indicated that forward contracts are majorly carried out between two major counterparties in which there is less exchange responsible transactions. In account to the same, it was argued that the application of future contracts must not facilitate or oblige several parties for maintaining commitment in consideration to t he contract. Details regarding the forward contracts can be maintained confidential for the public for the reason that it is not that important to offer important details in consideration to the transactions (Dutta 2016). Forward contract facilitated investors to control the increasing prices in a better manner and decrease in certain losses that can attain income from the volatile capita market. In the recent years, forward contract is employed within currency exchange that is carried out by a bank. A forward contract example Particulars Value Value AUD payment 2,000,000 Current AUD/USD Rate 0.75 = 2,000,000 * 0.75 = 1500000 Forward Contract Rate 0.73 = 2,000,000 * 0.73 = 1460000 Expected AUD/USD Rate 0.72 = 2,000,000 * 0.72 = 1440000 Reduction in losses 20000 A company that employs AUD USD rate for decreasing the volatility within the exchange market for the payment, which requires to be transformed into USD. The total use of forward contract majorly facilitates in decreasing losses by $20000. This was deemed possible through employing a forward contract that dealt with overall exchange rate and decreased all the risks that might be experienced by an individual while exchanging payment. This majorly facilitates the investors to address the total exchange rate that helps in ecreasing certain risk within the capital market (F?t and Pop 2015). Future Contract Derivative Future contracts serve as a feasible transaction that might be carried out which facilitates the investors in carrying out suitable investment decisions. Such kind of contract is deemed identical with the forward contracts in which specific commodity sale is carried out on a particular upcoming date. In contrast, certain commodity prices are fixed within the recent date that facilitates in decreasing the type of price volatility that might think in the upcoming year. Future contracts employ exchanges that are carried out by a medium that facilitates and obliges several parties to address the part within bargaining. Future contracts carried out within a previously designed format that must be followed by an investor through carrying out investments and transaction (Frino, Mollica and Webb 2014). In addition, future contract consider following a regular settlement contract format in which the overall gains and losses can be realised on a specific day after the trading day commencement. Within future contracts, the buyers and sellers do not form the type of contract to enter within an agreement that they considerably transit within the exchange. For this reason, such exchange is generally accountable for certain transactions carried out within future contracts and is liable to pay all its parties. Future contract example Particulars Value Value Buying Gold 150 ounce Current Gold price 1358.63 = 150 * 1358.63 = 203794.5 Future contract 1365 = 150 * 1365 = 204750 Expected Price 1450 = 150 * 1450 = 217500 Reduction in losses 12750 From the total analysis of the future contracts is an instance that might be understood with decrease of $12750 worth the value in gold purchasing bus conductor. Such decrease was attained majorly for employing a futures contract that facilitates in the current prices locking related to gold along with facilitating the investors for gradually decreasing high losses in purchasing thee gold commodity (Johnson 2015). Such type of extensive employed facilitates the investors in enhancing their recent financial exposures within the market in a better manner. Option Contract Derivative Option contract derivative serves as a third option that can be employed by investors for effectively hedging exposure within capital market. The option contract facilitates investors in efficiently hedging against certain future volatility that can be expected by them. There are two kinds of options and they are greatly used by investors that include call option and put option. Call option is deemed appropriate that facilitates investors and purchases something at a future date at a specific price (Hou 2017). Moreover, put option majorly facilitates investors to sell certain things at a specific price. In addition, option contract offers an efficient selection to the traders as this might facilitate trade in future. An important selection facilitates investors in order to speculate market effectively and decreasing several extreme losses that might be carried out in the investment period. The option contract is majorly carried out within the support to an exchange to be an important measure that must be considered while the option trades are carried out. Option trades might facilitate the investors in enhancing their exposure within the market with several small premiums offered by the people. At any expense of premium, the investors might ignore certain losses that might take place in upcoming years. Recently, the option contact is in increased demand among the investors for this facilitates them in generating several risks and enhances the investment capability (Norden, Buston and Wagner 2014). Option contracts are carried out relied on process associated with specific instrument and such options are carried out relied on future price volatility for attaining increased investment returns (Lievenbrck and Schmid 2014). The major cost that was experienced by the option contractors is the higher amount that they are charged for carrying out trades. Implementation of pre mium amount supports the investors in decreasing capital blockage. This was previously carried out within future contracts and facilitates them in enhancing the investment ability. It was gathered that because of speculators of the option trading system and novice traders are capable to inflate and generate volatility within the market that in turn decreases market efficiency. Option Contract Example Particulars Value Calculation Formulas and Value Selling shares of Apple 2000 Buying Put Option Current price 162.96 2000 * 162.96 = 23396.7 Strike price 140 2000 * 140 = 19600 Premium 6 2000 * 6 = 12000 Expected Price 130 2000 * 130 = 16900 Actual Price 159 2000 * 159 = 25281 Reduction in losses 28900 - 25281= 3619 loss As per the example mentioned in the table above, option price of an Apple might not offer to deal with important speculation of $130. This gradually indicates the losses of an investor of amount $ 3619 after the person has invested with strike rate of $140 and premium rate of $6. Moreover, the current price with which an investor invested is $ 162.96. In addition, the price decreased by $ 159 that has resulted in a great loss of $ 3619. Swaps Derivative A highly complex contract type within derivative is deemed as swap contract that encompass effective speculation and important research before carrying out a trade. Swap derivatives are majorly carried out on several participants in whom investors employs a fixed rate for interest in order to enhance total gains attained from the investment. The swap trades facilitate investors to the swap interest rates and certain currency in order to increase total financial income. Along with the swap trades, companies are capable to avoid rtes of foreign exchange that might affect an investments overall return (Salazar 2014). Swap trades majorly carried out by the private contractors in order to negotiate among the parties in order to attain important advantages from certain spread. Swap trades are carried out by the investment bankers among the two parties for it facilitates in decreasing risks from the investment. However, Swap trades might facilitate enhancing total risk gathered from currenc y exchange rate that might affect and decrease certain income that can be generated from investment. Amount to be invested 150,000 Interest rate 1st country Interest rate 2nd country Exchange rate 3 0.333333333 savings 7% 3% loan 8% 4% Invested amount 450,000 Interest received 31,500 Converted to 2nd country 10,500 Invested amount 150,000 Invested paid 4,500 Total income 6,000 From total analysis of the given instance, it might be gathered that investment within first nation might eventually facilitate in attaining interest 450,000 that might be transformed to 10,500. Moreover, a loan within second nation code gradually attracts payment of 4500 hat can attain increased income of 6000 for certain investors. This is identified gradually as a swap trade that was carried out by the organizations and investors for enhancing total investment. Evaluating Desirability of Employing within Derivatives within Hypothetical Conditions with Suitable Critics After accomplishment of total analysis of four distinct types of derivative instruments, option contract along with futures contract is majorly recognised to extremely viable investment option. This might also facilitate investors to carry out trades devoid of any important risk. For this reason, certain hypothetical situations in the above conditions in certain instances that majorly indicate the implementation of an option trading along with future trading might facilitate the investors in conducting the investment decisions and carrying out trade within the market effectively (Khumawala, Ranasinghe and Yan 2016). In contrast, forward contracts are the aspects employed within the markets that must be avoided, by the investors along with portfolio managers in order to carry out and offer the required portfolio construction. Moreover, portfolio manager might also avoid swap trades for it just includes complex endeavour carried out by organizations. For this reason, the implementation and option contracts might gradually facilitate a portfolio manager in carrying out and delivering the required return rate from investment. Recommendations and Conclusion After the total analysis of the assignment, it might be realised that the derivatives contracts might facilitate the investors to invest within the market in a better manner. In order to carry out important transactions by the investors within the market that majorly employ the derivative instruments like future, forward, options along with swap contracts. Moreover, use of option and future contracts is considerably higher within the market as it offers effective technique investors in order to enhance the profitability. For this reason, it might be realised that implementation of option contracts serves an effective investment instrument that might facilitate the investors in carrying out high-end trades. For such reason, portfolio managers must attain an option and future contracts for effectively carrying out and develop their portfolio for attaining important investment return. Reference List Berezhnoy, V.I., Berezhnaya, E.V., Berezhnaya, O.V., Telnova, N.N., Ostapenko, E.A. and Shatalova, O.I., 2014. Methodology of application of the systematic and derivative analysis of the conditions of the local raw materials market development.Life Sci. J,11(8), pp.600-602. Bodie, Z., 2013.Investments. McGraw-Hill. Dutta, A., 2016. A Comparative Study of Efficiency of the Market-The Pre and Post Derivative Trading Period in India. F?t, C. and Pop, F., 2015. The Evolution of OTC Interest Rate Derivative Market: The FRA Case.Procedia Economics and Finance,32, pp.1154-1162. Frino, A., Mollica, V. and Webb, R.I., 2014. The Impact of Co?Location of Securities Exchanges' and Traders' Computer Servers on Market Liquidity.Journal of Futures Markets,34(1), pp.20-33. Hou, Q., 2017. Research on the Development of Derivative Products of Comic and Animation Advertising Video of Local Characteristic Culture.DEStech Transactions on Social Science, Education and Human Science, (icsste). Johnson, C.A., 2015. Moving from Soft Law to Hard Law in the Derivative Area: A Case Study.The Changing Landscape of Global Financial Governance and the Role of Soft Law, p.258. Khumawala, S., Ranasinghe, T. and Yan, C.J., 2016. Why hedge? Extent, nature, and determinants of derivative usage in US municipalities.Journal of Accounting and Public Policy,35(3), pp.303-325. Lievenbrck, M. and Schmid, T., 2014. Why do firms (not) hedge?Novel evidence on cultural influence.Journal of Corporate Finance,25, pp.92-106. Norden, L., Buston, C.S. and Wagner, W., 2014. Financial innovation and bank behavior: Evidence from credit markets.Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control,43, pp.130-145. Pinzur, D., 2016. Making the grade: infrastructural semiotics and derivative market outcomes on the Chicago Board of Trade and New Orleans Cotton Exchange, 18561909.Economy and Society, pp.1-23. Rauterberg, G.V. and Verstein, A., 2014. Assessing transnational private regulation of the OTC derivatives market: ISDA, the BBA, and the future of financial reform. Rifai, N., Syaukat, Y., Siregar, H. and Gumbira-Sa-id, E., 2015. Factors affecting increased export of Indonesian palm oil and its derivative products to the United States of America market.Journal of ISSAAS (International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences),21(1), pp.137-146. Roukny, T. and Battiston, S., 2014. A network analysis of the evolution of the German interbank market. Salazar, M., 2014. Swapping More than Regulations: Reexamining the Goals of the Dodd-Frank Act and the European Market Infrastructure Regulation on Over-the-Counter Derivative Markets.Sw. J. Int'l L.,21, p.217. Sharma, P., Lee, S., Guo, T., Irwin, D. and Shenoy, P., 2015, April. Spotcheck: Designing a derivative iaas cloud on the spot market. InProceedings of the Tenth European Conference on Computer Systems(p. 16). ACM. Takino, K., 2016. An Equilibrium Model for an OTC Derivative Market under a Counterparty Risk Constraint.

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Lower Level Essay Sample - Make Sure You Are Learning What You Need to Learn

Lower Level Essay Sample - Make Sure You Are Learning What You Need to LearnIt's important to understand that there are different types of essays that a student can attempt in college, and an IES needs to have some sort of experience with the subject matter. The assignment I would give a student who has not had experience with a topic would be to choose a topic that they may be familiar with, but that they don't know enough about to write an essay on. If they would like to learn more about the topic before attempting to write an essay on it, the IES should select one of the many lower level essay samples available for students to study.The first step is to pick a topic for which they are familiar, and for which they have some knowledge. After having selected a topic, the student should begin to search for the appropriate essay sample for the topic. The lower level essay samples are there for any student to use and study at their own pace. This way the student can get a feel for what is required, as well as how they are supposed to use the papers that are provided by the instructor.The second step is to find a number of lower level essay samples that have specific instructions on what to do with the information. It is important to remember that, although these samples were provided by a professional, the instructions still need to be followed. The instructions will be explained very clearly to students.The third step in this process is to begin filling out the assigned essay sample. The student will first write a summary of the information that they know about the topic. After that they will then spend some time finding and understanding the facts and figures that they need to relate to the essay.Once the student has completed the outline and the facts, they should choose a method of writing the paper, and they should try out various methods of writing to see which method works best for them. When they are ready to begin writing, they should write the outline.Th e next step in the process is to determine where the student wants to read the material. A topic that is easy to read is easier to discuss than a complex topic. The lower level essay samples will help to assist the student in determining which topic to write about.When the student is finished writing the outline, they should then begin to write the body of the paper. The student should first use the lower level essay samples to know the exact formatting to follow. The proper layout and formatting of the paper are important for the student to be able to correctly complete the assignment.The final step in the process is to make a note of the quality of the work done. The student should review their work with the professor after the course has ended. If the student does not feel that they did well in the assignment, they should then review with the professor or should repeat the assignment with a higher level of difficulty so that they can make sure that they learned everything that th ey need to know in order to properly complete the assignment.

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Solutions to University Application Essay

Solutions to University Application Essay A terrific college essay introduction is essential to making your essay stand out, so there's plenty of pressure to receive it exactly perfect. At the moment, let's check out two or three examples of true college essay beginnings to demonstrate how and why they work. Bridget's essay is extremely strong, but there continue to be a couple little things that could be made better. Stephen's essay is rather effective. Any 500 word essay example would confirm an introduction of a quick essay must not comprise any long introductory statements or explain the present circumstance. Possessing good essay examples provides the reader an in-depth and on-the-court idea about what a well structured and coherent essay appears like. Think of what you're likely to write, outline your own personal statement, and execute your essay. Just take a cue from Stanford's essay question, regardless of what topic you decide to write about. University Application Essay Can Be Fun for Everyone Arguments against mobile phone control typically concentrate on safety concerns. Essay requirements were all around the place. Essays are an essential component in the college application procedure. Writing the university application essay is among the most significant and challenging areas of the US admissions process. Instead, you must impress a university staff member who's reading dozens of essays daily for a month. Yo u can also have a succinct sentence or two about your career path or some other plans you've got for the future your university education will permit you to reach. In addition to its growing cultural and ethnic diversity, State University is turning into a master at developing a niche for each and every student. If a student has a youngster, they may require a phone in the event of a health emergency. For instance, a personal statement on literature ought to go beyond your opinion of your favourite book. Later, once you're listening that what you recorded story to find a feeling of the way to write it, you might also receive a feeling of the tone with which you need to tell that story. All you have to do is relax and revel in telling your story! Everybody's story differs. The Rutgers application delivers multiple opportunities for applicants to spell out their accomplishments, activities, community support, and individual experiences. Students will take part in interactive writing workshops and get extensive individualized feedback from instructors. If a student should answer the phone during an emergency, they can step from the classroom to achieve that. If he is caught using the phone in class, he or she should be excused for the rest of the day. Once you get a good opening paragraph, think about exactly how it is possible to use your notes to construct several more paragraphs that will form the majority of your essay. No matter how you are going to wind up submitting your essay, you should draft it into a word processor. You're not writing for yourself here, but instead for quite a specific type of reader. The reader would like to learn more. Don't concentrate on the term count as you write. Well-done samples offer an education in format. If string theory is very true, then the full world is composed of strings, and I am unable to tie a single one. You want to make an outstanding college program, and that means you will likely read it ove r and over again in order to be sure there aren't any typos and spelling and grammar errors. You're attempting to show colleges your very best self, therefore it might appear counterintuitive to willingly acknowledge a time you struggled. Instead, you would like to spend more time focusing on what NYU offers for that particular major, with a tidbit thrown in on why you would like to pursue that major if you have sufficient space. Colleges want a feeling of maturity and introspectionpinpoint the transformation and demonstrate your private growth. Professor Mitchell obtained a grant to have a category of students to Belgium as a way to study the EU. Admission officers want to find someone to add to what Their University is. Telling Harvard why you would like to attend Columbia is a fast method to wind up in the no pile. Thus, State University isn't only the ideal location for me, it is the sole spot for me. Sample college admission essays give applicants an opportunity to figure what things to write and what things to avoid. The application essay is a typical portion of the university and college admissions process. The college admissions essay is part of the application process which often gives students the most anxiety. Writing the college application essay can be among the most daunting components of applying to college.

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The Fight Against Professional Presentations

The Fight Against Professional Presentations What's Really Happening with Professional Presentations Decide in advance how and when you want to manage questions. Not all practice is made equally though. You might find that you will need to provide a presentation under certain conditions, where your prior experience is not as helpful. Body language has an important part in the reception of information and miscommunications are more inclined to happen when it's not present. Whether you're an experienced presenter, or simply starting out, there ought to be ideas here in order to allow you to improve. Get your presentation prepped and prepared to drive business success. Or use a private coach that will help you polish your abilities. Whether you must prepare a presentation for school or work, it's important to think about the plan you will utilize. A History of Professional Presentations Refuted There are an assortment of methods to structure your content, based on the sort o f presentation you'll give. 99% of the second you'll be sharing your material in the shape of a slide deck. So if you'd like to stand out with a good presentation, you should think about using custom or premium themes. Most presentations don't follow a timeless story structure, but there are several narrative structures like explanatory narratives, slice of life, etc. Each file also has optimized layers that are simple to edit. A particular sort of presentation is one which seeks to persuade. When you must create a presentation deck the majority of the time ought to be used in your content and message. You have to be confident in presenting the material, you must understand how to deal with your environment successfully, and you have to be certain your message has maximum effects. Professional Presentations Help! If you should provide more details, create a bespoke handout and provide it out following your presentation. You may search the gallery for certain content, for instance, a Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template. There are several modern-looking templates to be found on the internet today. The converted flash presentation is totally a better choice for emailing as a result of its smaller size. It's also highly important to keep expert look and image in any way times. When it has to do with sharing important ideas, a number of us get in our own heads. When you must add music to your small business presentation and apps, you are able to easily do it by purchasing them with no excess fee connected to the royalties. You're able to easily download distinctive genres music ideal for your business projects by using our easy to use services. Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Professional Presentations When there's data that you are interested in getting the audience to get, put it into a distinct document for distribution following your talk. A timeline can illustrate not merely the history of an item, but the upcoming development timeline of the qualities you intend to add. It might be wise to get the help of a professional design agency who will be in a position to advise which format is going to be the most productive for your ongoing sales. Audio technology is critical also. The Importance of Professional Presentations In a try to persuade, presenters will incorporate every potential reason you should agr ee with them. The principal target of the folks listening to your presentation is to find the information that they require. Certainly leaders and educators will need to infuse a little wonder in their talks that inspire people to create a change. What is included has to be included for a very good reason. As you prepare the presentation, you always have to bear in mind precisely what the audience wants and wishes to know, not what you are able to tell them. You should make it simple for your audience to comprehend and respond. Your audience should see you along with your slides. Speaking and presenting is a superb means to reach an elongated audience and improve your credibility as an authority in your area. Your presentation should be constructed around what your audience is going to become from the presentation. You would like the audience to concentrate on the content, not the delivery. Consider what story you're attempting to tell your audience, and make your presentation to tell it. Whenever your audience is satisfied, it isn't important if your delivery was not absolutely perfect. The New Fuss About Professional Presentations Few people today can provide a presentation without notes. In the event the slides cover each and every detail, then you've probably put an excessive amount of info on them. If your slides change frequently, then you are going to be less inclined to hear snores from the rear row. Do not fill your slides with all you want to say. Or you may employ a low-budget PowerPoint design firm and wind up getting inferior presentation slides which don't make a positive impact or find the desired effects. It's tempting to put all your effort into the principal body of the presentation. It's entirely natural to feel nervous prior to making a presentation. If you are making a stand-alone presentation, then it is essential to put more information into your slides.

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The True Meaning of College Term Paper Writing Service Online

The True Meaning of College Term Paper Writing Service Online Therefore, in case you made a decision to pay for essay, we're prepared to provide you the absolute most advantageous terms! You won't regret that you purchase essays online! If you are in need of an easy essay you are able to check our totally free group of examples. The best method to learn to compose great college essays is to learn 5 ideas to help you make a terrific essay. College Term Paper Writing Service Online - What Is It? There are things to note when you wish to compose your paper. As a result, if you're trying to purchase custom term paper, then we are the ideal option for you since you will receive the standard and authenticity of your paper. While on the lookout for term papers online, it has to be ensured. When you would like to purchase customized papers online, you've got to discover the most RELIABLE custom writing paper support. Where to Find College Term Paper Writing Service Online The p rimary purpose of a term paper is to assess and assess the comprehension capabilities and the technical understanding of the students with respect to a particular coursework. Developing a group paper has ever made unusual demands on students since they figure out their function in the procedure for collaborative authorship. Custom made term papers make it possible for you to incorporate the experience and knowledge of professionals, into the expression paper, as stated by the demands of your university, college, or higher school. The Number One Question You Must Ask for College Term Paper Writing Service Online If you have to purchase a college term paper, but don't understand where to look you've come to the proper location! As you're on the ideal website where it's possible to purchase your college term paper, you don't need to address it itself. In spite of the fact that it's simpler to purchase term papers online, the most suitable choice is writing the paper from scratch. Surely, there's always a choice to purchase term paper, but ordering it could possibly bring many difficulties in future, and it'll be a lot easier to finish the paper by yourself. Our term paper assistance is precisely what you want. In the event you do not enjoy the expression paper offered by them, you always have the option to request your refund. You can look for the very best term paper writing service online after you're conscious of the significance of term paper. It's simple to employ the greatest term paper writing service. Lies You've Been Told About College Term Paper Writing Service Online It truly is not hard to find a person to write my essay for me online and we do all the difficult work so you. Each term paper is going to have to be proofread and approved through a skilled and expert editor. You will need to look through many internet sources, which can provide absolutely free essays. The subject of your essay is the overall category your essay is all about. Paper was and still is extremely crucial in today's world in a lot of ways. Learning and writing about what you've learned are two distinct things. Theme ought to be first select ed as. The Tried and True Method for College Term Paper Writing Service Online in Step by Step Detail In the event that you were searching for the very best research paper writing service to employ, search no more. So, you may rest assured your term paper service is going to be delivered by means of a pro. Besides products, you can even sell services online. If you're looking for the very best writing services online, you're in the correct location. College Term Paper Writing Service Online Options After that our reliable custom made paper writing assistance alongside skilled experts is simply the issue you. 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